4-Step Method to Engage Existing Patients and Market to New Ones

September 25, 2020 by Dana J. Murn, CAE

The element of surprise is not the most comfortable for a patient in a dental setting. Getting your patients to commit to your treatment plan isn't always successful, especially if the treatment calls for permanent changes to their smile. That being said, what are you doing to ensure the esthetic outcomes of a patient's treatment and how are you bringing them peace of mind?


Here is a 4-step method you can take back into your practice the next time you're in a consultation to better engage the patient and discuss their options and to visually show them what's realistically possible.

  1. Document your patient by taking a frontal-facial picture.
  2. Create a smile simulation while your patient is chair-side using DSDApp's AI smile design tool. Use this time to discuss the patient's pain points and wishes.
  3. Evaluate your patient's current oral condition with a clinical and complimentary exam.
  4. Present your smile simulation and proposed treatment plan to you patient based on your analysis.

This method also saves the dentist time as when your patient knows what to expect, case acceptance is much more likely. 

Using your Smile Simluations to market your work.

In today's digital world, showcasing your work online can help you attract new patients and motivate existing ones in more ways than you think - and it's actually simpler than it should because, well, you're already doing the work. Many DSDApp users are sharing the patients' app-generated Before and After pictures on their social media pages and websites. It's a great way to visually show prospects the difference a smile makeover can make. See sample post below.

Watch this 4-step method as well as learn how to use your smila simulations to market yourself on our on-demand webinar available now. Click here to watch

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