Direct Posterior Restorations

A simplified approach from AACD Accredited Fellow, Sandra Hulac, DDS, FAACD.

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CPR for the Worn Dentition Part 1

Treating severe tooth wear with "CPR": A process for working with patients with excessive wear.

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CPR for the Worn Dentition Part 2

Part 2 of this 2-part course delves into a case and demonstrates step-by-step how to use prototype bonding.

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Accreditation Case Type IV

Learn predictable techniques to create esthetic anterior composite restorations.

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Techniques for Accreditation Case Type V

Focus specifically on the smile makeover case

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Success in Direct Composite Challenges

Overcome direct composite restorative challenges.

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Accreditation Super Session: Sesemann

Smile design with six or more indirect restorations.

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Accreditation Super Session: Rego

Smile design with one or two indirect restorations.

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Let's Talk Cements and Bonding

From color stability to sensitivity to a vast array of other topics, the experts share their tips and tricks for successful bonding and cementation protocols as well as highlight key learnings from their own failures.

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