Guided vs. Freehand

Doctors Mark Whitefield & Nathaniel Hill take you through the process of implant dentistry using the freehand method as well as the guided method.

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Implants in the Esthetic Zone

Know when it is proper to place implants into immediate sockets both in the esthetic zone and molars.

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Suboptimal Implant Outcomes

Proactively understand why compromised outcomes occur and what to change in order to correct such outcomes.

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Bone Integration and Regeneration

Ultraviolet light treatment of dental implants immediately prior to placement.

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Implant Challenges

Creative full mouth solutions.

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Implant Poker

Are you a gambler? Look at causes, prevention, and treatment of implant problems.

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Biological and Prosthetic Factors

This lecture is focused on the importance of combining biological and prosthetic factors to achieve esthetic outcomes on anterior implant restorations.

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Esthetically Compromised Patient

Which teeth to save or extract, should implants be placed immediately or in a delayed protocol, should multiple implants be placed in the aesthetic zone, and more.

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Adjacent Implants in the Anterior Maxilla

In this visual essay, based on a Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry article, learn about implant placement and the importance of responsible esthetics.

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Avoid Implant Failures

Understand the proper 3-D spatial placement of anterior single tooth implants (STI) in the aesthetic zone and its impact on the facial and interdental tissues.

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Demystifying Full Arch Implant Cases

Proven techniques from diagnostic and treatment planning steps to a hands-on practice fabricating your own BDT Bridge show model.

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Modern Implant Success

The biggest problems in implant dentistry and how to avoid them.

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Maxillary Edentulous Implant

Planning, laboratory aspects, and execution of treating the edentulous maxilla with implant supported fixed prostheses.

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Copy Paste Dentistry: Implants

See how overlapping 2D photography, 3D CBCT, and 3D intraoral scans can digitize and help treatment plan and case presentation.

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Foundations for Implant Esthetics

Pre-surgical prosthetic considerations and various intra- and post-surgical restorative sequences to achieve optimal esthetics.

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