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Act now and receive $750 off a customized clinical & educational email or $250 off our customized practice tools and services email. That's our biggest savings ever!

Customized Clinical & Educational Email
The AACD's monthly MIDLINE Clinical e-Newsletter reaches an audience of more than 6000+ dental professionals, with open rates averaging at 32%.

Our monthly clinical e-Newsletter, MIDLINE, is the most opened email that AACD sends to both members and nonmembers. MIDLINE is a highly anticipated, educational and a dynamic read! 

Customized Practice Tools and Services Email
AACD Practice Matters open rates average about 28% and is deployed to all AACD members PLUS promoted to our 190k+ social media followers, including our highly engaged Instagram audience.
Practice Matters features a highly visual and interactive layout to showcase practice management tips from team building to marketing, and everything in between. 

AACD Practice Matters and AACD Midline are the only two advertising opportunities that allow you to promote your business on our most engaged and rapidly growing social media audience on Instagram, @theaacd.

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For AACD Corporate Gold Members Only
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Sale runs from September 1-30, 2021
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Advertise with the AACD and Reach Cosmetic Dentistry's Most Passionate Practitioners

Want a highly visible platform in front of American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) members? The AACD Media Kit contains all promotional opportunities the AACD has to offer, such as ad space, social media promotion, and email sponsorships.

  • See your company featured in the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Promote your products to our 200k+ social media followers
  • Speak directly to our members through our weekly eUpdate Newsletters
  • and more!
The AACD seeks a mutually beneficial relationship with our partners. We are willing to take the time to create customizable ad packages to meet your specific needs. Contact advertising@aacd.comCorporate members receive exclusive discounts on most advertising opportunities. Click here to contact us about corporate membership. 

Who are AACD Members?

  • AACD Members do more fee-for-service dentistry than non-members.

  • General Members report charging 40% more than non-members for the same procedures.

  • Most Accredited Members (71%) are in practices with more than one million in revenues, compared to less than one in 10 (9%) among non-members.

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